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The old glass globe was just an innocent bauble, purchased on a whim.
But what lives within the witch ball will change her life.
ebook-The Shadow and the Sugar Bean - Co
He's a daemon with an assassin to stop.
She's a weakness he cannot afford.


Family or love?
She’s never had to choose.
Until a mysterious stranger walks out of the sea and into her heart.
Now, she has seven days to decide.
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With the Roman army drawing near, the time is coming when Maye's heart will have to decide which to sacrifice and which to save—her people or the soldier she’s come to love.


"The Shadow and The Sugar Bean is a hot read that will have you reaching for an ice-cold beverage!"

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About me...

I grew up in northeast Ohio, on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. I credit my mother for instilling in me a love of books; she's a voracious reader who spent many hours reading to me, taking me to the library, opening my imagination to new and beautiful worlds.

My love of the past led me to earn a degree in History, which—let's face itis the ultimate treasure trove of plotlines and character bios.

Unable to pick a single genre, my own stories range from historical to the paranormal; however, romance is always an underlying theme.

Married to my soulmate and raising the sweetest rescue kitty, I currently live one town over from the one in which I was born and raised. 

I am proud to be a regular contributor to "Originality by Design," a blog hosted by a group of talented artists from across a variety of industries, whose mission is to inspire the creativity in all of us. Check out my posts HERE.