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These are dangerous days.

Someone is killing off loyal daemons, stealing souls, and harnessing the power from them.

That someone is out to destroy the Goddess of the Underworld.

Sokach is not about to let that happen, not to the Queen he’s fought to keep alive through the centuries. His devotion to her is elemental and absolute.

Until Bluebell MacKaig.

Blue’s got one thing on her mind—opening her pastry truck and making sure she can find a spot big enough to park The Sugar Bean. 

Love is not on her menu.

When Blue is thrust unexpectedly into Sokach's kitchen, she finds he's hiding more than a secret ingredient, and Sokach will have to choose between duty and savoring the sweet tooth he's developing for the feisty baker.

To save his goddess, can he make his head resist where his heart wants to go?

Seven tears cried into the sea. Notes of a love song, to summon a selkie.

That is the myth, the yarn the old men spin in the glow of a warm fire on a dark winter night. Such stories are as common as the seals basking on the beaches of their northern Scottish isle.

Or so Moire believes. She could never quite identify with the forlorn lasses in those tales. She has everything she could possible need or want in the simple life she and her father have built on the quiet shores.

Until, learning she may be forced to marry a man she does not love, she sheds her own hopeless tears into the cold surf.
And the next day, a curious stranger walks out of those same waters.

Everything about Innis calls to Moire; he is as wild and beautiful as her beloved sea. But there's something he's hiding.


Is he the salvation he appears to be? Or a danger to her soul?

With only seven days' time to decide, will she surrender to the irresistible pull of Innis and his sea or choose to remain on the safe shores of home?

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Rome has come to Britannia.

Its forces are marching north, claiming the land and the people as its own. 

The Crow Queen’s fae court must stand against this new adversary or be swept away by the rolling tides of change.

With her sacred pool in the path of the invading army, Maye is prepared to answer her queen’s call to fight, even if it means allying with the druids she abhors.

But then, one of the enemy washes onto her shores, injured and dying, and a tender impulse leads her to hide him from the vengeance of her fellow sprites and fairies.

As she nurses him back to health in secret, she comes to learn it isn’t just his body that is wounded. 

Maye finds herself drawn to him and begins to question everything she knows, including her loyalties. 

With the army drawing closer, the time is coming when her heart will have to decide which to sacrifice and which to save—her people or the soldier she’s come to love.